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Do you have any suggestions or advice regarding Vermont Center for Dance Education? Please leave your  comments here.

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  1. Reply Kate MacKenzy says:

    Steffi is an excellent teacher, taking the time to explain the very basics of technique, ballet terms and what the objective is for each excercise. She has created a beautiful studio space, its spacious, bright along with spacious clean changing rooms. Any one looking for excellent professioal tuition in a clean environment should enjoy her new school. technique, technique, technique….Refreshing to see dance being taught right.

    Thanks Steffi…Im so glad to be back in class (after 28 years)

    ps I also took Anna’s zumba last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it…a fun work out!

  2. Reply Gabriella says:

    I am so glad I have chosen to take Steffi’s Adult ballet class. I have loved to dance all my adult life but never had ballet training. I have wanted to take beginner ballet for several years.

    This is helping my core and legs get stronger while helping all the other dancing I love.

    She teaches precisely yet allows for our own individual differences.

    Her space is gorgeous and clean.

    I love this class.


  3. Reply Rende says:

    Once again, Steffi has put on a stellar show. One of the reasons we drive 45 miles one way to dance with Steffi is the high quality of the recital. It really is a show. The amount of work she and her staff put in to making this a fun learning experience for our dancers and an enjoyable one for the audience is simply stunning. Steffi demands a lot from our dancers and it shows in their improvement, enthusiasm and love for dance.

    This year’s production of Pinocchio was fantastic. Each dancer was able to shine while getting the experience of work together on a whole production.

    Thnak you Steffi for all your hard work and dedication.

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